The D’Antonio home

System Size: 8.12kW
Location: Cranston, RI

The D’Antonio family has been a pleasure to work with. We were so excited to help this family achieve the goal of offsetting their electricity usage by switching to renewable solar energy.

The Dipilato home

System Size: 9.3kW
Location: Providence, RI

This particular project required extra care because of the steep roof pitch. Our brave and competent installation team did a phenomenal job of installing the system.



The Dugas home

System Size: 9.3kW
Location: Glocester, RI

The Dugas family truly understood the importance of switching to renewable energy. They made landscaping changes to the area around their home in order to mitigate the shade impact and increase energy production.

The Jimenez/Elliot Home

System Size: 4.8kW
Location: Portsmouth, RI

We enjoyed the beautiful views while installing this system!



The Hickey Home

System Size: 10.54kW
Location: Cumberland, RI

This system is not only one of our largest but also one of our fastest installs to date!

The Kinney Home

System Size: 4.13kW
Location: Providence, RI

At Mr. Kinney’s request, we customized their design and ran the electrical conduit through the attic crawl space with the use of SolaDeck.



The Lyons Home

System Size: 3.84kW
Location: North Providence, RI

The Lyons family had their system installed just in time for Christmas. What a great Christmas present for the environment, their home and their family!

The McGetrick Home

System Size: 6.67kW
Location: Cranston, RI

Our first install as Ocean State Clean Energy!



The Mello Home

System Size: 3.25kW
Location: Cranston, RI

This install was quick and efficient.


The Mendez Home

System Size: 4.35kW
Location: Providence, RI

This project with a super steep roof pitch went off without a hitch.


The Ryan Home

System Size: 6.6kW
Location: Johnston, RI

Proud to help these schoolteachers lead the way in choosing renewable energy.


The serrano Home

System Size: 5.61kW
Location: Johnston, RI

The unique layout of this roof combined with the level of sun exposure required a sophisticated system design and layout. This was the most segmented system we built to date, but it still came out looking great!